What changes are in store for businesses in 2016?

Posted 06 / 01 / 16

Throughout 2016 there will be a number of changes to employment law that businesses need to be aware of. Candor has prepared a guide of the changes in store during the next 12 months.


National Living Wage

It was announced during the Budge that a new National Living Wage will come into force from 1st April. Workers aged 25 or over will be paid £7.20 per hour.


Employer NICs

From 6th April, employers of Apprentices under the age of 25 will no longer need to pay secondary Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NICs) on earnings up to the Upper Earnings Limit (UEL).


Statutory Maternity and Paternity Pay

Rates for maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption pay will be frozen in 2016.

Currently statutory maternity pay is £139.58, or 90 percent of the employee’s average weekly earnings if it is less than the statutory rate.


Statutory Sick Pay will also not see an increase in 2016.


Skilled migrant workers

Tier 2 skilled migrant workers who apply to move to the UK will have to earn a minimum of £35,000 per annum from 6th April.



Zero hours contracts

The zero hours contracts regulations introduced in 2015 will come into force on 11th January. It will provide workers with rights to not be dismissed for failing to comply with an exclusivity clause in a zero hours contract and not to be subjected to a detriment for breaching an exclusivity clause in the contract.



Immigration Bill

The Bill will include penalties for illegal workers and employers of these workers. The introduction date for this Bill is yet to be confirmed.



Compulsory gender pay reporting

Employers with more than 250 employees are required to publish information to see if there are any differences in gender pay within their business.


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