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Fast, seamless approval
Our fully digital application process and bespoke broker support means you can expect a rapid turnaround time for your loan.
Flexible lending criteria
We accept that not everybody will have a perfect credit history. Our lending criteria allows for some missed credit payments and some CCJs.
Digital application process
No more printouts: our online document signing means the application process is simple and hassle-free. And it's better for the environment too!
Use cases

How can you use a Candor loan?

From reaching your renovation dreams to achieving business ambitions: Candor's got you covered.

Home improvements

Looking to create your ideal home office? Planning a long-awaited bathroom renovation? Our loans can help you create your ideal home.

Growing a business

A Candor loan could help you invest in growing your business, upgrade your equipment, or simply keep cashflow healthy.

Property investment

Whether you're planning a new investment, covering maintenance costs, or looking to increase your property's value - our loans can help.

A solution to those unexpected expenses

Car repairs, medical bills, rising fuel prices... We offer a simple range of products to help you achieve financial freedom when life doesn’t quite go to plan.
Rate information

Interest rates

Your interest rate will change once you are outside of your fixed period. Please read the information below to find out more.

Changing interest rates

Please read the following section in conjunction with the Offer and Standard Mortgage Conditions sent to you prior to receiving your loan. Where there is any contradiction between this text and your Offer or Standard Mortgage Conditions, the latter documents will take precedent. The Offer you received will set out the interest rate applicable to your mortgage. Where the Offer states that the interest rate is a fixed rate, we will not change the interest rate for that period. Where the Offer states that the interest rate is a variable rate, it will be calculated with reference to Candor base rate. We can change the Candor base rate at any time to respond proportionately to:
  • A change to SONIA or any successor rate;
  • A change to our costs in funding your loan (this may include for example, where the interest rates on the money we borrow to fund your loan from other banks and financial institutions, such as SONIA, increase);
  • A change in the law, codes of practice or the way in which we are regulated; or
  • A change beyond our reasonable control, in our administrative or other costs in providing your loan, including any changes in technology we use
Even if we change the Candor base rate in response to the above factors, we will only review your interest rate quarterly on the 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December each year, using the Candor base rate as published for the prior business day. We will apply any changes to your interest rate, following any change to Candor base rate, with effect from your next payment date following a review.

The Candor base rate will not fall below 0%, which means if the Candor base rate moves to 0%, then the interest rate will be the fixed percentage above the Candor base rate as set out in the offer. If the Candor base rate has changed, we will change the interest rate by the same amount and will apply the change with effect from your next payment date. We will give you notice of any change to your interest rate and any effect it has on your monthly payments, as soon as possible after any change is to take effect.

If we transfer some or all of our rights under the mortgage to another person, as per the “Transferring your mortgage” section of the Standard Mortgage Conditions you received, the base lending rate of the person to whom we transfer your mortgage will apply.

Candor base rate

The rate of products outside of their fixed rate period will be calculated in reference to the Candor base rate. The Candor base rate may be changed at any time.


Lender Base Rate

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