What is AWR?

The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) is one of the most significant pieces of legislation to affect the recruitment industry in recent times and has changed the way contractors and agencies work.

 It was introduced in October 2011 to give temporary workers more rights, giving them the same employment conditions as people in full-time roles after they complete 12 weeks of work.

What does AWR cover?

• Pay
• Holidays
• Hours of work
• Night work
• Rest periods and breaks
• The right to hear about vacant jobs within the business
• The right to use collective facilities, e.g. a canteen or crèche

What does AWR not include?

• Occupational sick pay
• Pensions
• Maternity/ paternity leave
• Redundancy payments
• Share options
• Long service award schemes
• Bonus payments
• The ability to claim unfair dismissal

What does it mean for agencies?

Agencies need to be fully aware of the legislation and ensure that they are compliant and measures are in place to address the regulations. If not, it could lead to employment tribunals which could cost time and money, as well as damage your reputation.

What does it mean for contractors?

The new AWR regulations are good for contractors as they get a number of added benefits.

To qualify for this, contractors must be in the same role, with the same hirer for 12 continuous weeks working on one or more assignments.

There is a qualifying clock in place to measure the contractors time in employment. This will be reset if a contractor has a break between or during an assignment of six weeks or more or if the agency worker starts a new role with the same hirer but the role is significantly different.

How does Candor support AWR?

Our team are fully up to speed with AWR legislation and we will work with agencies to make sure they are following the legislation. We are on hand to answer any questions you might have to put any procedures into place.

We can track the 12 week working period for you and can ensure that contractors are getting the right pay and benefits after 12 weeks in the job.

We are also launching a new jobs board Can Do Jobs to help us meet our responsibility to provide our contractors with the opportunities for other job roles when their current projects come to an end.

If you have any further questions on AWR then call a member of our experienced team on 0845 388 3001 or click on the new live chat button on the right hand side of the website to talk direct to us.



We have worked with Candor payroll for a number of years and they payroll over 300 people a week for us.

We have a really strong partnership with Candor and have nothing but good feedback from both our consultants and contractors about their service and they are always on hand if we have any queries. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

- David Lewis, Managing Director

We have developed a good working relationship with the team at Candor. They work in a very professional manner and the payroll process seems to run like clockwork. People at every level in the business are approachable and very helpful.

- Amar Sandhawalia, Director

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